Tuesday, January 1, 2013


I moved my blog to Word Press. Here is the URL: http://meanderingmaya.wordpress.com/.  I want to get rid of the Gmail account I used for my original blog (an old yearbook account), and I thought I would try Word Press, since it is so easy to move my entire blog there. Thanks for reading. I hope you travel with me to my new site and read and comment and meander with me.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Perception is Reality

Sadly I admit,
that your perception is reality,
albeit your reality,
but still reality.

If you see me a certain way,
that doesn't mean that
I am that mean person,
it just means that's how you see me.

I don't want you to see me that way;
I want you to know my intentions,
I want you to see both sides,
I want you to understand
who I am,
as I need
to be heard,
I need you to listen.

Perhaps as that youngest child
long ago
whose voice was unheard,
I need to find a way to be heard.

I need you to know
that I am working hard,
trying hard,
that my knowledge counts
as something.

I need you to see both sides.
Why is it that with you
my voice is like nails on a chalkboard.
Are you even listening?

You say your words--
You get up,
you leave,
you shut me off.

Maybe my approach
needs to change.
Maybe I need to let go of what I need.
I need to listen.
I need to meet you where you are.
I need to understand your reality.

Now will you try to get mine?

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Forget it All

This time of year,
it's more than I can bear.
I can't keep up,
with all my stuff.
Too much work to do,
I am never through.
I am sinking in the grading abyss,
some things  I just miss.
Trying to climb out
In anguish I shout.
Sleep deprivation gets to my head.
Forget it all--I'm going to bed.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Wisdom Waits

Wisdom comes in times of quiet and solitude,
resting quietly beside me,
nudging me forward.
Driving moments, shower moments, blogging moments--
those times when wisdom beckons, 
and I press inward, 
Write with us at Two Writing Teachers.
and see my internal reflection
with all its inadequacies
and wonder who I am, 
who I am becoming,
and who I haven't become. 

Cynicism and Impatience,
my manipulative friends,
molding me into someone
who I don't want to become,
I am disfigured--
expecting too much from some,
not giving enough to others.
Losing focus of what's important,
not meeting people where they are,
and struggling to love my neighbors, 
both young and grown.

Empathy and Compassion beckon me.
Wisdom waits.
In my moment of solitude,
I am alone and disfigured,
pressing inward and
looking on.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Friend Beyond Words

When we first met, she told me we would always be friends 
even if it didn’t work out between her son and me.
I left her son two months before the wedding—
still she remained my friend.
I went back to school to become a teacher—
she paid my tuition, 
telling me she wanted to see me become 
the great teacher she knew I could become
only asking I one day do the same for someone else.

She met the man I would marry—
she told me she could see why I waited for so long.
She welcomed my children
calling herself Granny Anni.

Exhausted from trips to doctor, my dad dying of cancer
like one of my family, she took him to doctors’ appointments,
giving us a rest in a time of need.
When Dad died
she came with goodbye balloons for the kids to release into the air
notes on strings, a tangible and personal goodbye for each grandkid.

A heart shoved aside, an aortic aneurysm, 
three more surgeries to brave
she presses on with strength and fortitude.
Her family and friends watch in amazement
as strong as ever, physically and mentally
her new nickname
Hurricane Anni, she is on the move
strong, stubborn, and steadfast.

Keep my friend, Anni in your prayers as tomorrow she faces her second open heart surgery. Pray that the surgery goes well and that she is able to paint again one day soon.

Anni Painting

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sock Sestina

A Slice of Life with Two Writing Teachers
Each week we blog as teacher writers.  

A Sock Sestina

Enveloped in comfort,
A blanket for my feet
With coziness of toes.
My fuzzy socks
put me in a happy mood,
cozy and off work.

Uncomfortable at work
Socks falling down, feeling dis-comfort.
I am in a miserable mood
with socks scrunched up at my feet.
I'm throwing these socks away
as a favor to my toes.

Why should I separate my toes?
With socks that are too much work
Toes should should be one in their socks.
Toes divided--that is not comfort
for your feet
Toe socks, in my world, you have no place.

Striped, patterned and colorful socks you enliven my mood,
Elaborate detail to my  toes,
and happiness on my feet,
Having fun at work,
This is a sort of comfort
with whimsy of my socks.

A hole in my favorite socks,
Can't find a replacement any place,
Cold and without comfort,
Nothing to cover my toes,
I think I'll stay home from work,
And put a blanket over my feet.

Socks with sandals on your feet,
Have you no dignity for your socks?
Maybe you're retired and no longer work,
To speak of this is not my place,
Be proud of your ugly toes,
and enjoy the breeze of comfort.

Feet have their special place,
with happy toes housed in socks,
knowing comfort even at work.

relaxing in my fuzzy socks

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Evolution of Wishes

I wished I could be her,
a black woman teacher,
just for a day.
When I said that, she chuckled and said,
"Oh Maya, you would love it."
At the time, I knew she was right.
To be her would have given me
the attitude of a loving mom
who cares, who shares,
who doesn't take junk,
who demands the best.

Now my wish is different.
I wish I could share
some of what I have with others...
I have an energy that is contagious,
passion for what I do.
I have fun interacting, teaching, and learning.
working hard to engage, inspire, and reach.
As a student told me last week,
I am persistent--finding new ways for them to "get" it,
never giving up.

Last year, I  joked saying we would watch paint dry,
when asked what we were doing tomorrow.
A student gave an excited, "REALLY??!!"
Energy and passion are contagious--
and need to be spread up and down
the halls of our schools.

To help others
be present,
and to be willing to say,
"I don't know. Let's find out."

I might miss a detail,
get lost in a moment,
talk too quickly,
get behind on some things,
accumulate clutter,
forget to follow up,
but I am who I am
becoming comfortable in my own shoes,
filling them out.

Today a friend said to me,
"You have fun. I need to have more fun."
And now my wish is no longer
for me but for her.
Not for her to be me,
though she might enjoy it for a day,
but to find who she needs to be
comfortable in her own shoes,
as she discovers what ignites her passion
and fills her own shoes.