Tuesday, February 21, 2012


As a stream meanders,
so do my thoughts.
So much I've begun,
yet little I've completed.
I am here,
Seeking to grow,
to know.
To channel the course
of this meandering stream.

I am a writer,
whose lost her voice.
My voice has become
a status update, a text message, an email.

My soul cries out for more.
I can't share myself
knowing my characters are limited.
I can't find myself;
I will limit my character.

Channel my energies--
set the course of the stream,
And just write.


  1. It's so hard to write deeply in a world full of text messages and emails. I hope you'll join us for the March SOLSC. I think it'll nourish your soul and help you find your voice, through writing, again.

  2. You will find this is a great place to meander and find the words you need. Writing is sharing, so welcome to Slice of Life!

  3. You did it! You are here! You have arrived! And what a wonderful start to your experience. I loved your poem and this is only the beginning. May you find your voice and just write! Welcome!

  4. Wow - what a great poem! It sounds like your new blog will be the perfect place to rediscover your voice - and just in time for the March SOLSC.

  5. I'm a new slice-r, too. Your first piece is magical - I love the metaphor of the meandering stream.

  6. Thanks for the kind words and for the support. Last summer looking for a transformative teaching experience, I attended the Kennesaw Mountain Writing Project, and I felt transformed as a person and as a teacher. Returning to work, I knew what I needed to do as a teacher and a writer to be a better teacher of writing. Not just that, I knew I needed to keep writing to be more self-aware. Well, all the stuff of school happened, and I haven't written. This week I have a winter break. Next week I hope that I will continue to blog. Thanks for reading my writing--having an audience will help.


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