Monday, April 16, 2012

Not Done Yet

What's wrong with me?
Students and teachers
alike wonder.
I still want to teach.

Hello? Over here--
The light's still on.
don't close your books,
and pack your bags.
Quit looking at the clock.
Quit looking at the calendar.

I know we've taken "the test"
that concludes the year
for both young and old,
but not for me.

C'mon, let's
play with language,
explore themes.
Let's wonder and
have great discussions,
Let's explore our world.
I want to see
your lights turn on,
immersed in discourse
'cuz 'dis course is not over yet.

Wait, don't turn the light out.
Bear with me.
Despite all the signs--
removed or covered posters,
bubbling is done,
others have shut down
and spring fever is rampant.

Despite all you see around us,
we can't stop now,
I'm not teaching for a test.
I am teaching for life.
Please join me and learn with me,
side by side we are

We aren't done yet,
Nor will we ever be.
This journey never stops--
the journey of learning.


  1. That was very powerful! You captured all of the rush of emotions, thoughts, and feelings that come along with spring, for both teachers and students alike. We are in the midst of state testing, and my grade levels that are done have left me thinking, "Now what to do to get to the end of the year?" Thanks for challenging me to keep going, to keep teaching, thinking, learning... I know this, but sometimes I just need the reminder...

  2. I hate watching the shut down of students, but more so teachers who feel that the year is over when the test is over. Your poem is a rallying cry to keep going, there's so much to learn. Super!

  3. The journey never stops
    the journey of learning!
    Well inspiring poem! :)

  4. I also took the poem to mean that you were really old and close to retirement and people wondered that you still wanted to teach at your advanced age.
    So many ways to read a poem.


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