Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Two Brothers

It's like my two big brothers
are leaving me
and going off to college.
These brothers, my friends,
my colleagues,
my principals are off to new challenges.
At least my big sister principal will still be there.

Like big brothers do
they have
challenged me,
inspired me, 
directed me,
redirected me,
led me,
provoked me,
tormented me,
accepted me,
encouraged me,
consoled me,
befriended me,
taught me,
and watched over me.

They have made me
a better teacher
by seeing the good in me,
meeting me where I am,
and encouraging me through 
the tough times 
in and out of the classroom.

They have read my lengthy emails,
responded to my texts,
listened to my venting,
helped me through my struggles,
helped me find my best self,
and helped me know when to let go or back down.

Like a lost little sister,
I don't know what I'll do
when they go away,
off to college,
their new challenges await,
and I am left at home,
without them
trying to find my way.

Even apart,
they will  always be a part
of my teacher identity,
servant leaders,

Their actions and words 
will be with me,
as I return to school next fall,
with new leadership,
new challenges, 
and new obstacles.

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  1. How fortunate you have been to have those big brothers. You expressed how you cherish them with these perfect word choices. I hope you share your poem with them. How encouraging for them that " their actions and words" will be with you. Way to lead and inspire.


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