Sunday, May 6, 2012

Imperfect Brilliance

Slicing every Tuesday with some great  friends/writers
I've never met, but I'm getting to know

My jaggedness and roughness
tamed by time.
No longer sharp and cutting;
rounded and smooth
I bask in nature's splendor
as the water rushes over me.

My beauty not striking,
unless falling upon me,
the sun's radiance
in her generosity
reveals my shimmering brilliance,
catching your eye
and so you scoop me up.

You examine me.
my other side revealed.
My jaggedness protrudes,
rough to your touch,
rugged and unfinished;
my striking imperfections
no longer concealed.

I am the river stone.
Time has softened me
My defenses are down.
Here I lie in my imperfect brilliance.

I am the river stone,
not completely smoothed
my sharp words cut
my beauty concealed--
my imperfections revealed,
I am not done.

I hold my river stone;
we are one.
My quest is complete.
I clutch my river stone
Not wanting to let go.

I drop my river stone,
no longer my own,
waiting for the purifying water
to rush over me
cleansing my soul,
and softening my edges
once again.


  1. I like the surprise of this poem, the gentle revealing of the subject, a river stone. You carry the analogy completely to the end. Nice!

  2. I love it when the sun is generous and reveals shimmering brilliance. I could feel my toes in the rushing water as I inspected this stone and then in turn reflected on our similarities. Nice.

  3. This is so beautiful--full of great images. But my favorite line is "Here I lie in my imperfect brilliance." I just love the way the words work together...

  4. I love the way you didn't reveal the subject until the middle. I kept reading and wanting to know more. Nice!

  5. I think I will hold your title forever in my heart. Imperfect Brilliance! Perfect!

  6. Nice surprise here, and good words that show the brilliance. I liked that final line in one of the stanzas, "I am not done." Beautiful!


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