Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I Don't Want to Write

 The alarm sounds late Monday night.
It's time to write my Tuesday post.
Too tired--I'll do it tomorrow.

Tuesday comes.
Check up at the doctor's office--
I begin my villanelle
as I wait--really?
A villanelle in the waiting room--
like I'm going to finish that!

In the afternoon,
the migraine knocks me out.
I am in bed all day.
I can't write.

Minutes left for my Tuesday slice.
I must slice.
Last week on vacation,
I did not slice.
I must slice.

Vacation gave me inspiration.
The waves. The beach. The kids.
Cumberland Island. Driftwood Beach.
Special times with my husband.

Running off a sandbar
with my niece and laughing
with the reckless abandon of a child.

Tonight my head hurts
as I think about inspiration.

The motions of my fingers
on the keyboard.
No controlling idea--
just a jumbling of thoughts.

Maybe next week
maybe tomorrow
Summer devoid
of routine and the remnants of the migraine
making my brain too tired--
I don't want to write.

And I call myself a writer...

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  1. Here is a quote from Henri Nouwen that Luci Shaw shared in her book Breath for Bones. The quote helps me stick with putting words down even when I feel like I'm not "a writer." "Writing is a process in which we discover what lives in us. The writing itself reveals what is alive.."


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