Monday, July 2, 2012

Everyday Annoyances

The plastic geese across the street
patriotic ribbons adorn their necks
complete with stars and stripes,
sentries across the front lawn
A patriotic noose for the birds'
"independence" celebration.

Summer reading program
at the local library
showing R. L. Stein movies
on the TV screen
just above the shelves
of my daughter's requested author
of children's literature.
My head interrupts the movie
as I guitiily search for a book.
Our local library journey distracted
by a loud movie  based on
the "literature" for the 
summer "reading" program.

The "like" button on Facebook
doesn't make sense.
No, I don't "like"
that a friend has resigned,
that a child has died,
that I am home with a sick child throwing up.
How is it that these posts get a thumbs up?
Perhaps it is the hope for the future,
the joining of humanity,
or something else that compels
people to press "like" when
another button is really needed.

Every day I find
the everyday error
of the words "every" and "day" joined
when that is not correct.
Why this grates my nerves so,
I do not know?
The confusion of an adverb with an adjective?
The syntax error of the meaning of something that happens
each day versus something that is common.
I move we join the words for good
and my everyday annoyances
will lessen.

Perhaps I'll buy some geese
and let them sit with me on the sofa, 
and watch a bad movie
based on a bad book,
so that my everyday stressors
will not happen everyday (error intentional).
I'll post about it on FB,
and you can like my status and
give it a thumbs up.


  1. You sound like you've had a little time "off" to begin to relfect on all those little annonying parts of life. I share your "dislike" of the Facebook "like" and of the plastic world of decorated geese! UGH!

  2. It's so good to talk about what annoys us and why. Very cleansing. Your words did it clearly and without angst, just annoyance.Now I am annoyed at these things, too. And I'll be on the lookout for those everyday errors, too.

  3. I feel better knowing that others are bugged by the little stuff, too! I love your last stanza - I picture you on the couch with the geese and get a good chuckle!

  4. And every day I hear "whenever" 'whenever' they really mean "when"... Whatever.
    I'm pressing "Like" for your post.

  5. You made me laugh! I especially loved the like button stanza! Like you, that like button on Facebook irritates me. When I read that a nearby school board, is attempting to break the union, I don't "like" it. I DISLIKE it. Intensely. And I don't want people to like that I am missing my son, who is off to college. I want them to empathize or something, but not like! Thanks for the laugh!

  6. Love your poem! You've written about some excellent annoyances in a most interesting way!

  7. Your poem made me smile. And I loved the last stanza! The image of the geese sitting beside you on the couch watching a movie is hilarious. Thanks for sharing your annoyances in such a creative way.

  8. Very funny. I like the line "patriotic noose" for the birds independence celebration. I'm guessing they have a costume for other holidays?

    I like the way each annoyance seems random, yet so thought out. I may have to try it. :-)

  9. Such a fun sharing of Everyday Annoyances. Maybe it's time for a new button on FB - I share your pain!

  10. I need to write one of these. But I'm afraid it might become a book and fall into the wrong hands.

  11. Creative slice! It got me thinking about my daily annoyances... if TWT had a "like" button, I'd "like" your post. :)


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