Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Break

This is summer break--
why am I pondering my new future,
reading Common Core stuff,
planning with teachers,
mapping my new curriculum,
modifying units,
pinning resources,
creating webmixes
and trying to prepare for the new year.

This is summer break--
time to play with my kids
time to let go of responsibility
time for fun and relaxation
time to sit back and just be with family.

This is summer break--
a time I can almost find the balance
between school and home,
of course, school exists
without classes to teach
or papers to grade.

This is summer break--
up late with a good book,
or with Colbert and my husband,
up early watching cartoons
or building forts with my children.

This is summer break--
a strange mix of
and reevaluation.


  1. I like the 3 Rs you ended your poem with! I agree that those are three things I'm hoping to gain from my summer as well~! :)

  2. You have expressed all the sides of summer break. I still have 7 days to go! Love your poem!

  3. That's what it is like!

  4. Rejuvenation--that is my goal this summer (along with everything else:). Wishing you fulfillment on your summer dreams.

  5. I struggle every summer to find the balance between those 3 Rs you stated and also learning and preparing so I can have some of those 3Rs during the school year too. It's not easy, that's for sure. Thank you for sharing!

  6. YES!! Amen to that! That is what summer break is SUPPOSED to be all about. I am savoring every slow, lazy, unstructured moment. Love your poem.

  7. You perfectly captured the tug that schoolwork has on us even during this break time! It is always a balancing act, isn't it?


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