Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The News Today

Facebook photo shared. Caption reads, "Please pray for the family of this sweet little girl. She touched so many people in her short life." I look at the daycare picture realizing this little girl was my daughter's preK classmate.Tears fall. She was only 5, Sarah's class friend. Too young. Too sweet. Too soon.

Trying to make sense, I search for the news. Headlines read,"2  5-Year-Old Girls Drown in Backyard Swimming Pool".  Tears fall.

I try to respond to the news on Facebook. My words are insufficient and inadequate. What can my words do? Words cannot bring back a life. Words cannot help the griever know I hurt too. Words cannot show the pain my heart feels for the loss of their little girl. I can't feel their pain. I can't take away their pain. 

What can I say? I hurt for you. I am sad for you.
I am sorry for your loss.I am praying for you.Let me know if there is anything I can do.

Tonight I hug my son a little tighter. Tonight I hold my daughter closer. Tonight I fall asleep snuggled next to my daughter. When my husband wakes me up, instead of getting up I pull myself closer to my daughter, and the tears fall. When I finally get up, I gaze down at my daughter's sweet face with tears in my eyes and prayers in my heart as I think of the tragic loss of Sophia.

Still my condolences seem inadequate. My words seem incapable of healing me or anyone else. My words seem like they can't find meaning out of life...or death.

A forced blog with words of insufficiency, lacking the catharsis I want. 


  1. I am so sorry. This is sad and it hurts. Words will let the parents know someone cares and I believe that is important.

  2. I am so sorry for you all. This is indeed a tragedy.

  3. I am glad you wrote about this tragedy and I agree with writekimwritie, words for the parents are important too.

  4. No parent should survive their child. No one can make sense of such a tragic loss. You have expresssed the pain/tragedy very well. Sometimes all we can do is share what is in our hearts.


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