Monday, June 4, 2012

Planning to Write

Day 1 of Teachers Write! 

I am supposed to carve aside some time, possibly getting rid of something to set up a writing plan. Day 1 and they want me to plan--blah--it's summer. I'm writer not a planner. Well, I could be like Bradbury who says he throws up in the morning and cleans up in the afternoon; however, I know during school there isn't time for me to throw up in the morning. Let me look at my itemized questions and try to see my way through this, as I develop writer's discipline. 

1. What you found that you might be able to cut out of your schedule or cut back on to make time to write.
I could set aside technology, the phone or the iPad. 

2. When you’ll be writing each day & for how long. Remember to be realistic. 15 minutes is fine to start.
I like writing at the end of the day; it's a time that I like to use the      written word to process the events of my day. I would like to write at least 20 minutes, a minimum of 5 nights per week. I like the idea of winding down by reflecting on my day. One thing I do now to make sure I write each night is a set an alarm to go off on the night I write. I guess I can add the alarm to all nights, knowing I promised to write 5 nights per week.
During the summer time, my writing will be less structured as to when I write. It's summer time not schedule time. Too much summer schedule makes me unhappy. 

3. Where you’ll usually write.  This can be different places on different days, depending on your schedule.
I prefer the laptop sitting on the sofa, sipping hot tea, kicking back and sorting out my thoughts.

4. Who you told about your plans. Remember, sharing your writing plans with the people in your life helps to make them real and reminds your family & friends to give you that space for writing.
I'll tell my husband my plans for writing. 

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  1. And, you've told me! I'm like you with the scheduled time. Even though my plan is to write in the mornings for an hour, I know myself too well to think that is always when it will happen. Can't wait to read more!


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