Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Stop Now

After stopping by my blog on too many a grading evening, I just toppled over. Well, I put my head down on my desk while I tried to regain my strength. I stood up to get a paper for a student and saw compassion and concern in the eyes of the 6th graders. Then, someone from the back said, "Mrs. Woodall, you need to go home." I mean too many late nights and early mornings, and I nearly fell out in class.

My husband tells me I should sleep more. My coworkers tell me I should sleep more. My students tell me I should sleep more. Until my body just stops, I keep pushing myself and don't listen to any of the people who can see what I'm doing to myself.

When I made it to the doctor, he tested me for strep, the flu, and pneumonia. All came back negative. I think my body was just resounding an emphatic, "Stop now!"

That was last Tuesday, so needless to say, I didn't make it through the school day, I hardly made it to the doctor, I didn't blog, I didn't make it my conferences--all I did was crash and burn.

Now I'm back. I have been up since 4:30 AM, and it is now 11:05. I have nothing of literary merit to write. I just am writing to say. "Here I am. Now I'm going to bed."

Thanks for making me write, even when it's not much. You Slicers are an awesome group.

Goodnight. I must stop now.

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