Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Stopping by My Blog on a Grading Evening

      With my sincerest apologies to Robert Frost for what I've done to his snowy woods.

This stack of papers here they grow
Using  this rubric sure is slow
Cannot sleep, disturbing the flow
Grades due so soon, oh no.
I’d like to end my grading here   
And let this assessment just go.

You must think my assessment queer
To grade until morning is near.
I’ve had all of this Common Core rubric I can take
The grades are not too good I fear.

I reassess and give my head a shake
And ask if this grade is a mistake.   
The only sound’s the  pen’s sweep   
Common Core writing is not cake.

Some with analysis so deep.   
Yet so many more still to reach,  
And papers to go before I re-teach,   
And papers to go before I re-teach.


  1. While not working with Common Core, I feel your grading pain. I handed back essays last week, and held on to my notes about what we need to work on. I'm in the midst of drafts with my other section.
    I do love working from my rubric, though. Keeps me focused.

  2. OH boy! Good luck to you and your miles to go.

  3. Very true, very true. I enjoyed your poem!

  4. Hang in there...I brought papers and the rubric home tonight as well. Not sure if they will get graded...

  5. Love. It. Especially "And papers to go before I re-teach,
    And papers to go before I re-teach."
    So true! And wow, so many of us are posting the same feelings tonight. Love the shared sense of community in this week's slices! I've been away too long -- let the busy-ness of a new school year keep me from writing. Thanks for sharing this!


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