Sunday, March 25, 2012

Blogging on a Cell Phone

And I call myself a writer,
As I write with my thumbs,
The thoughts flow faster
Than the thumbs,
But life is too busy
And it is too late
For me to do better
Than this.

My yearbook is due
And I have pages
To go before
I sleep.


  1. There's only so much you can do and actually you've communicated a lot! I feel the sleep wanting to overtake you - I think it's coming my way. Good luck with the yearbook!

  2. I hope you get your yearbook pages finished!!! I totally agree that life get too busy at times. Glad you were still able to slice via your cell phone!

  3. It's so hard to type out blog posts on a cell phone. I did it this past weekend when I was in NY. Not fun.

    BTW: Love the nod to Robert Frost in your second stanza!

  4. I'm still learning how to use my cell phone as a phone. I tip my hat to you. You are accomplishing a lot.

  5. I understand totally. My Monday post was ten things I'd rather do than write. Feels like a cop out to me, but it was all I could muster early this morning after a busy weekend. I love the ending of this poem. You continually draw upon the masters like they are part of your soul. Here's to more thumb-written poems.

  6. Great's moving as fast as you have to. LOVE IT

  7. Nice job. I love the line, I have pages to go before I sleep.

  8. are Robert Frost on your cell...just like my daughter.

  9. Nice poem and on your cell poem! Kudos to you! Thanks for sharing. Happy Slicing! :)

  10. You said so much with so few words. And, you did it - you posted for the day. Good for you!


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