Friday, March 2, 2012

An Open Door

An open door
advice sought.
Do I say
what needs to be said?
It might hurt,
a wedge driven,
between us.
Reality for each person
Their drama unfolds,
truth sought.
Whose truth?
Shades of truth.
Anger and frustration,
no resolution.
Once I felt that pain
and opened that door,
yet I wasn't ready
to hear what was said,
needing only someone to listen,
so I could walk through it
and come out the other end.

To be silent
and listen
Asking questions
Without giving answers
allowing the process
to unfold.
Is that my role?
To keep the door open
without barging in.
I can't fix it
by fixing it.
And so I wait...


  1. You really captured that moment of indecision - of wanting to do something, say something, help, of wanting to wait, be patient.

  2. Another poem -- wow. I admire people who can order words and turn out a poem. These lines will stick with me:
    Whose truth?
    Shades of truth.

    Thanks for writing,


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