Wednesday, March 28, 2012



I failed.
I didn't get my post in.
Comments closed.
Are you kidding me?
Life is too busy.
My principal resigned.
My yearbook is not done.
I have to do subplans for Friday.
I have a deadline in my face.
I was editing articles.
I was writing.
I was posting comments on the yearbook site.
I didn't post.
I failed.

So if I post twice on Thursday,
I mean it was just a little after midnight.
Am I still a slicer?

After 28 days, I failed.


  1. You are a slicer! Hang on! You didn't fail. Life does get in the way, so just keep moving forward.

  2. You are being much, much, much too hard on yourself. If this were one of your students, you'd explain this is not failure but struggle, being challenged, perseverance...(that's why it's called "a challenge!")...hard work feels like this. You are absolutely a slicer!!

  3. You did not fail. You just missed a deadline. It is okay. You still posted every day. Your nee day just lasted longer than the average. You posted!

  4. I totally understand your disappointment, but I agree that you are being way too hard on yourself! You are in the midst of some serious deadlines, and working like crazy. You still wrote yesterday and that's the key. Good luck with the yearbook!

  5. There is no such word as fail in Slicerville. You wrote. You wrote when it was hard. You wrote when it would have been easier to go to bed. You wrote when other things needed to be done. You have met the challenge!

  6. Over the past month, your slices have provided me with all the things a writer should provide a reader: ideas, images, thoughts, emotions; necessary and valuable sensations all. No failure there. In fact, the complete opposite! :)


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