Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Christy Rush-Levine

Christy Rush-Levine,
her words are devine.
She’s commented on so many posts.
She’s the one I’d like to honor most.

Her blogging with pictures is infused,
Sometimes I am left confused.
By the all the places her mind goes,
Deep reflection from her it shows.

In her 30s only, it’s hard to believe,
She catches her thoughts, so they don’t go through a sieve.
I wish I had found my words in the last decade.
Perhaps, a better writer and teacher, I would have been made

I think you are all amazing.
For being a part of this SOLS crazing.

Kennesaw Mountain Writing Project planted the seed.
Now you all at SOLS are helping me to write and read.
And become the teacher and person I should be.
Thanks to you all from me.


  1. What a very cool honor post! I can agree Christy is a great commenter. It's so wonderful that you've honored each other in this way.

  2. Wow! Thank you! I am truly humbled.

    Also, thanks for your comment in response to Stacey's post...but I think you attributed Ruth's beautiful words to humble old me. I am beyond flattered to be mistaken for Ruth, but I cannot take credit. :)

    It looks like you are working variety into your slice formats. That is the true fun of this challenge- exploring as a writer!

  3. What an honor. I love Christy's writing too. You have a creative play with words. Keep slicing.


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