Saturday, March 3, 2012

More with Less

More with Less
More students with less funding
More papers with less time
More desks with less space
More trash to empty with less custodians to empty it
More demands on the principal with less time with students and teachers
More hoops to jump through with less focus on what really matters
More indicators of progress with less understanding of what that means
More technology integration expected with less operational computers
More expectations with less direction
More kids in need with less time to help them
More time at school with less time for family
More realization of how I should live with less doing of what I should
More informational texts with less poetry
More specificity of standards with less knowledge of how we’re being assessed
More of a race to the top with less certainty about the destination
More expectations for our readers with less help for those who don’t get it
More rigor with less clarity of what it looks like
More demands on us all with less understanding of how to meet the demands
More with Less

Please feel free to add your own “More with Less”
Now I  have more depression with less coffee left in my cup.
Doing more with less is reality, and sometimes it’s hard on us all. 
As I told my student last week, write down your problems so they will lose power over you.
More writing giving me power over problems with less stress overwhelming me.


  1. More laughter with less focus on testing!
    More reading with less leveling.
    More determined than ever to fight back with less fear.
    Hang in there!

    1. Beth, thanks for turning the negatives into positives. I will work on that, too.

  2. More joy less thinking of what's over our head
    more time with kids less time in meetings
    more differentiation less whole group

    thanks for a fresh look!

    1. Thanks for turning the "mores" into the challenges to meet.

  3. I wish...
    More time with less distractions.
    More teaching with less politics.

    I hear you about teaching. It's everywhere. Ugh. Our state is trying to take away the right to bargain health insurance.

    1. I love that all three of the replies look for turning the "mores" into the positives/ideals/challenges.

  4. More acceptance with less judgment
    More collaboration with less confrontation
    More empathy with less apathy
    More sincerity with less sarcasm

    You all help me to combat the "little bitty" in me that I wrote about in my "Pluck it" post.

  5. I love all the posts- and the knowledge I am not alone in my feelings!

  6. more knowledge about fellow bloggers, less anxiety about coming up with an idea tomorrow

  7. more frustrations with less answers equals teachers leaving the profession.

    Thanks for your are not alone.

  8. More understanding and forgiveness in society for the fact that we as educators are not perfect and we make mistakes.

    This week, it was really hard to find the positive in working in public education, so thanks for sharing your frustrations. I didn't feel so alone.


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